Senior Analog Circuit Engineer

Yokneam · Full-time

About The Position

Chain Reaction designs and builds hardware that fuels disruptive blockchain technologies by accelerating compute performance. Our world class teams are transforming the future of data, creating the infrastructure that will power the next generation of secure, scalable, green computing. The main bottleneck in scaling cutting edge solutions in privacy tech, data-analysis and real-time computing is acceleration – existing hardware cannot keep up with data processing needs. Chain Reaction’s products reshape how data is processed and used on a global scale, and we’re looking for the brightest people to join us.

We are looking for talented and ambitious individuals to join our Yoqneam IC team.



Chain reaction offers the opportunity to join our growing Analog Circuit design team and take an important role, defining and designing state of the art circuits in our ASICs and SoC.

Take part in the definition and in the implementation in Chain-Reaction’s on-going product line ASICs, and in Chain-Reactions new cryptography algorithms acceleration SoC product line.

Solve complicated challenges of High Speed and Very Low Power Circuit solutions in advanced node, cutting edge CMOS FinFET processes.

Work closely with several interfaces such as Layout (physical), Architecture, Digital Design, Production, System, etc.


  • BSc/MSc electrical engineering
  • 6+ years of experience with high-Speed Low Power circuits designs such as ADC, DAC, PLL, DLL, SerDes, etc.
  • Understanding the concepts of high efficient custom layout design.
  • Experience with system-level architecture and timing concepts.
  • In-depth understanding of advanced process nodes and circuit design issues
  • In-depth understanding of physical implementation aspects
  • Extensive experience in using advanced simulation tools.
  • Excellent social and interpersonal skills.
  • Strong initiative and ownership of responsibilities, productive.
  • Ability to work well in a team and be productive under tight schedules.
  • Strong Motivated to learn quickly, hard-working, and is results oriented.



  • Familiarity with device reliability, ESD, and Latch-Up requirements
  • Deep understanding of package substrate, board design, and power delivery.
  • Post Silicon experience: Lab test and measurement equipment
  • Experience with scripting languages, such as, Perl, Tcl, Python, Make.    

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